Dissection course clinical anatomy

The department Anatomy & Embryology offers students the opportunity to participate in a human dissection course. The course focusses on the dissection of human specimen under the supervision of staff members of the department. In addition, students can study specimen prepared by their fellow students, preparations made for demonstrations and images generated by modern imaging technologies such as X-ray images, MRI and CT scans.

From study year 2013-2014 on, these courses are organized for third year medical students. There are four runs with four clusters each per study year, and dissection modules are offered during each of the four runs for all of the clusters, namely Circulation and Lungs, Abdomen, Skeletomuscular System and the Psychomedical cluster. Each dissection module is linked to the clinical topic of the respective cluster.

Five sessions are planned for Wednesday mornings or afternoons, respectively, depending on the cluster. The entry level for the course corresponds with the knowledge level of third year students. During the sessions, there will be ample opportunity for the students to dissect (according to their anatomical knowledge). This will be followed by demonstrations of surgical interventions by experienced clinicians, and the interpretations of examples of modern medical imaging (X-ray, MRI, CT). During the sessions, participants are expected to orally present tasks that have been prepared beforehand.

Active participation and a professional attitude are expected from all participants. They have to be well-prepared for the course and are obliged to attend each session. Participation will be evaluated and when deemed sufficient, the candidates will receive a certificate of successful participation.

Places for the dissection courses are limited. Recruitment and selection of candidates will take place during the first meeting of the study groups. It is not possible to register individually or to reserve a place beforehand.