The Department of Anatomy & Embryology offers atlases to facilitate the study of anatomy for certain educational blocks. These atlases provide a summary of all structures that a physician educated at Maastricht University is supposed to know, when receiving his master diploma. To know means in this case: know, where these structures are, what they look like and which function they have.

In some educational blocks, students get the opportunity to study anatomical preparations, models, MRI and X-ray images supervised by a lecturer and supported by these atlases. 

Similar summaries of structures are available for microscopical anatomy. These are given in the manuals for virtual microscopy trainings, where also the links to the scanned histological sections can be found. During the trainings, these sections are analyzed under the guidance of a lecturer. The students select the relevant structures at different magnifications, copies selected structures to a PowerPoint file and annotates them. In this manner, each student creates his/her own mini-atlas of histology. 

Tip 1: legends of the atlases can be found directly after the title page.

Tip 2: to avoid printing problems, you should download the atlas to your computer (right mouse button: save as…, save document to your desktop, and open with the program Acrobat reader) and then print from there. 

Example Atlas
Abdomen/Pelvis I organs of the upper abdomen

Example VM atlas
Virtual Microscopy Introduction